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So Many Clothes

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It’s not that I’m necessarily a bad person. At least I gave it some thought; a bad person wouldn’t have even considered it. That has to count for something. This week has been cold. Not Siberia cold, or even Midwest … Continue reading

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Ten Years

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This morning, as I’m sitting at my desk creating complicated web-based data visualizations for large-scale client websites, listening to Brooke Fraser albums, soon to be munching on Tim Tams, my mind is thousands of miles away. Seven thousand, three hundred … Continue reading

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The Hunger Games

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Late last night, when I should have been sleeping to give my body much needed rest so I could focus on the coming work day, I finished reading The Hunger Games. I borrowed them from a friend a couple weeks … Continue reading

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Girls Around Me

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The Bus Is a Funny Thing

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The bus is a funny thing. It’s one of those few places with a constant rotation of a completely non-homogenous group. School kids, openly amorous teenage lovers (gay or straight), homeless, those with disabilities (mental or physical), fathers with daughters, … Continue reading

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Last Minute Changes

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In two days I’m heading to the apparently desolate and frigid land of Fargo. Did you know there are at least five other states with cities named Fargo? And it’s also not frigid there, at least not yet. While it’s … Continue reading

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Writing More

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I decided several weeks ago I need to start writing more. Obviously that hasn’t gone well for me. Earlier this month I was reading posts from Jeffery Zeldman of his perspective during and after 9/11/2001. He lives in New York … Continue reading

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Lessons from a Pre-Apocalyptic World

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It’s late-morning on Saturday the 21st. Jesus will be coming back to get us in a few hours and some (more) massive earthquakes will be set off (sorry to steal the limelight, Japan). Or was that rapture bit supposed to … Continue reading

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For the Record

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I guess when you visit a single country four times people start wondering why you don’t just live there. I’m getting ready to leave for the fourth time, but am feeling less and less okay about that. I’ve had at … Continue reading

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Heading South

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Hitting the road to Queenstown <– apparently I can’t embed a video directly.

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