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Last Minute Changes

Posted on by Philip

In two days I’m heading to the apparently desolate and frigid land of Fargo. Did you know there are at least five other states with cities named Fargo? And it’s also not frigid there, at least not yet. While it’s chilly and rainy here in Oregon, Fargo is boasting sun with temperatures in the 80s! For a place that’s known in pop culture because of the snow-filled movie, that really shows what a lack-lustre summer we’ve had here in the Pacific North West.

To preempt the question that everyone asks, I’m going to Fargo because I was asked to work with the video crew (I assume as a cameraman) for the last week of shows from Impact World Tour, the group I’ve worked with overseas in the past. No biggie, I can scoot over a few states for 5 days to do live video shooting for some performance shows.

Well, this morning that’s changed.

I was told by my technical director today that he won’t be able to join the team for the shows. I’d expected him to direct the video crew. In addition, there have been changes with the gear and team we’ll be using. So now it looks like I may be directing the video myself. I’ve done this twice before: once for something like 12,000 people on my first tour in New Zealand (yeah, that was stressful) and again for a show or two last summer in the Philippines (the first show was with non-native English speakers on camera). So while I’m relatively inexperienced, this should be pretty easy by comparison. But I may not be directing, because depending on the team we round up, I may be required to be the technical producer during the show itself. I did this for a couple small shows in the Philippines as well. It’s a bit more weight, but really, while it sounds big, and will definitely be fun, it’s a bit easier. I need to make sure the camera team knows what to expect and help the director during the show. Sound should be a cakewalk and the lighting tech is phenomenal and worked these shows for years.

My tech team director just wanted me to be ready to make whatever we end up with work and pull off the show. I’m game!

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