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For the Record

Posted on by Philip

I guess when you visit a single country four times people start wondering why you don’t just live there. I’m getting ready to leave for the fourth time, but am feeling less and less okay about that.

I’ve had at least three people seriously ask me when I’m moving here (not to mention many half-joking questions) and four serious offers for visas to help with residency. Also, the immigration officer I spoke with suggested, off the record, that I find myself a nice girl. I met with this officer because the customs officer who stamped my passport upon arrival noted my many other NZ visas and asked when I was moving permanently.

Yeah, the officials are in on it now too. Maybe I should listen to that.

Lastly, while hitchhiking back to Christchurch, the 11 or 12 year-old son of the lady giving me a ride asked me when I was going to move here.

Out of the mouth of slightly-older-than-babies babes?

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