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Posted on by Philip

This is something I’ve been meaning┬áto do for quite some time. I actually had a bunch of it written while I was in Mongolia, but it was saved on my iPod which crashed.

At the beginning of the summer I knew of several friends who were about to embark on some pretty big adventures overseas. For some of them, this was to be their first time traveling outside of America. I wanted to write a list of little tips that I’ve learned after years of traveling: things that have helped me or that I find important. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it done before they left, but hopefully it will still be beneficial to them and others in the future.

So here at last is a non-finite list of lessons I’ve learned while traveling that may help you on your next trip. If you have anything you’ve learned as well, please share in the comments here.

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2 Responses to Travel Tips

  1. matt says:

    well done my friend, well done! I like what you have to share – it’s good stuff – and now I miss traveling again… oh WAIT I just got back from India.

  2. Liz says:

    Hey, I like your list and love the attitude that goes with it but I just thought I’d share a bit of science that I’m pretty sure you won’t like…

    …recent research suggests that fasting during long-haul flights (fasting for at least 9 hours, I think) then eating your first meal at a logical time for your destination helps combat jetlag. Of course, some of us then need to weigh up the pros of avoiding jetlag against the cons of potentially being a grumpy traveller.

    I’ll second the tip about carrying at least one change of undies on your person, and add that if you’re not travelling solo it never does any harm to have a full change or two of clothes in a companion’s cargo luggage.

    Once I’m out from under this PhD maybe I’ll get out into the world again…

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