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Big decisions are curious things. I have one; I find it odd. They take a long time to decide, they are hard to make. But hard decisions are always good ones, right? Think about it, the only decisions that are bad are ones with bad options, and those are the easiest to decide. You go with the right and good choice. Even if that option means hard work and sacrifice, the decision is easy. Whether we want to take it or not, we know what it should be. As Frodo says, “I know what I must do, it’s just that I’m afraid to do it.”

But what about those decisions with no wrong choice? Those are the big ones. Those are the tough ones. When I step back from this choice before me I find it simultaneously of both the absolute and least importance. What is the bigger decision, that I decide love my neighbor when I walk out of my house or in which fashion to exercise the skills God has given me to bless people and honor him? And yet choosing between two goods is so difficult. It’s like a trick question: neither is wrong, but is one better? Does it matter if both are good?

Sometimes I wish my decisions were between following my heart by using my God-given skills and killing some poor homeless man. No contest, easy choice: homeless man lives. But no, I’m deciding between two great lifestyles.

As a footnote, I realized today after reading back though some journal entries that I’m dealing with the same choices from two years ago, and probably before that as well.

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One Response to Decisions

  1. Rose Maaser says:

    Philip, your “musings” are amazing! You’re a real writer! Maybe your next big decision even has something to do with using that skill?…

    Interestingly, I myself had to make a big decision last month that will also affect me for the next year and longer…

    Anyways, thank you for sharing your thoughts! I only had time to read the “Decisions” and “Choices” entries this time, but would like to read more next time.
    God bless!

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